Danny Dutton

Danny Dutton

Hey there,

My name’s Danny Dutton and I’d like to take the time to personally thank you for coming to visit my blog.

I’ve been an orchid enthusiast for many years and have learned many tips and tricks for caring for them over this time.

I want to use this blog to talk about how to take of orchids and share some of my knowledge about growing orchids.

This blog is an extension of my website Care of Orchids. After listening to feedback from my visitors, I realized that there were often questions about orchid care that were too specific to write a full article about. I also felt that the website itself lacked a little personality because I was writing for the masses and considered it to be unsuitable to inject my own views and opinions into my articles. By concentrating on purely factual information, some of my own creativity was lost.

And so I decided to create this blog to break free of the shackles of formality, so to speak, and to address orchid issues that affect minorities rather than having a more universal appeal.

I also plan to open up up the floor to guest writers and publish visitor’s pictures of orchids here on the blog and attempt to create a little ‘orchid community’ where orchid growers can discuss their passion and share ideas.

But, I’m getting a little ahead of myself – that is for the future. However, if you’re interested in writing or providing other content for this blog, drop me an email via info@care-of-orchids.info.

Danny (Signature)

Danny (Signature)

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