Hey guys,

Welcome to my brand new blog, ‘How To Take Care of Orchids’.

I’ll be using this website to discuss growing and caring for orchids – you can read a little about why I set up this blog on the About page.

Over time, I hope to build up a comprehensive and useful resource for orchid enthusiasts and I’d also like to encourage reader participation by publishing articles, photos, orchid diaries etc that are submitted by the community.

If you’d like to get your stuff published here, drop me an email at info@care-of-orchids.info.

This blog will be a lot more informal than my main Care of Orchids website and I’m hoping this will allow me to inject a lot more personality and character into my orchid writing – and maybe make one or two new friends :)


  1. Jenny Jenkins

    Hi Danny just a quick note to wish you luck with your new blog site….I shall be following it avidly….Kind regards Jenny :smile:

  2. Danny – I received a beautiful orchid this past Mother’s Day and since then have “adopted” another. I appreciate your time in helping newbies like me care for these amazing plants. I’m sure I’ll be dropping by here often!

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